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Salesforce Architecture and Solution Design

Salesforce can be a hairy beast of a toolset. It’s important to have the right architectto define the right plan. At Just Some Apps, we have tried and true experience architecting the right solution for your business needs and goals.

Salesforce Configuration and Development

Just Some Apps believes in executing the vision. All good to architect and design, but the power is in the execution of that roadmap. We are consultants that are driven to build good applications. Just Some Apps provides best practice configuration in both Classic and Lightning, apex development, and most front-end technology development. Additionally, we provide Agile project management, business requirements elicitation and analysis, and QA test procedures and processes.

Salesforce Administration and Maintenance

You’ve built it, it’s so cool – but who the heck is going to administer and maintain this great application? The team at Just Some Apps are happy to step in and support your team! If you are in a situation where you implemented Salesforce and are asking, “Now what?...Password reset….uhhhh…”, we’ve got the skills for you!