The retainer engagement formats is intended for clients who know they have work and want to ensure they have the resources to get it done.

Some key points of the retainer model include:

  • Contracted hourly rate
  • Committed minimum hours per week per resource, paid if hours are used or not
  • Committed maximum hours (1.5x min hour commitment*) per week per resource that provides additional capacity when needed, paid only if used


Sometimes things come up, we understand, with the Ad-hoc engament model we can help you address your needs as they arise if we have availibility.

Some Keypoints of using the Ad-hoc model include:

  • Contracted hourly rate
  • Four Week Lead Time (recommended)
  • Resourcing based on capacity of Just Some Apps team


eh.. 🚰🍂

  • Defined scope/deliverables with detailed definition of done
  • Fixed total amount with fixed timeline